Box sealing machine: “Boxing is the best thing in the world”

19 August 2021
Box sealing machine: “Boxing is the best thing in the world”

Said Zoltán Latinovits in the satire called The Tóth Family, but even in the movie, he was the only one to say that it is a magnificent thing to fidget with paper boxes. Actually, it is a simple, slow and extremely monotone job to seal boxes. And it is even possible to do it wrong. Production is loss-making if the closed package is not sealed well, if you apply too much adhesive tape or if – for any reason – the process is disrupted. We have summarized what box sealing machines are good for and what types are available.

Fast and accurate

Even a semi-automated box sealing machine closes as many boxes in 5 minutes as could be done manually in half an hour. In addition, it has a more accurate result: it always applies the tape in an uniform length and precisely in the middle, as well as it presses the tape onto the box for sufficient holding.

Manual and automated feed

You can select from a number of types even in our web shop, as required. There are fully manual, semi-automated and fully automated types, and the latter one can be integrated into a production line as well. The whole process can be automated with the latter one, during which boxes are lined up at the end of the production line ready for transport, without their preparation requiring anyone’s time or work. As a result of the optimized process, packaging capacity can increase even by 30%.

Varying box sizes? Not a problem!

Do you need smaller and larger boxes to be lined up? This is not a problem either. It is not required to separate them by size. Our manual and automated box cutters can be ordered with a design that automatically adjust themselves to varying box sizes.

Sealing the bottom and the top at the same time

No more lengthy box moving! The box sealing machine ensures a safe closing on the top and bottom as well. In addition, certain types even fold the box lids.

Box sealing machine: reliable and cost-efficient

Operation of the machine is safe, basically you just have to switch it on, and it is doing its job. It requires a minimum level of maintenance, so it really ensures a quick and economical operation. The machines operating with electricity, or with compressed air in case of types with automated box size adjustment, are driven by side and top belts. Almost all machines are capable of using adhesive tapes of various widths.

We are open to all boxes

Our product range is quite wide, basically you can find an optimum solution to all specific needs in our range. For example, the 3M™ Matic 800ASB-I type is ideal for small-sized packages, and it can make 28 of these ready for transport in a minute. The 3M™ Matic 7000A Pro is a real professional in its league. This highly durable, almost everlasting machinery flexibly adapts to the growth of your business; neither the varying box sizes, nor the varying tape quality, nor the thickness will stop it. And our spring-loaded box sealing machine, the 3M-Matic™ 8000A with a capacity of 40 boxes/minute is an ideal choice for sealing narrow boxes.

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