Vinyl tape: the versatile PVC tape

12 December 2023
Vinyl tape: the versatile PVC tape Vinyl tape: the versatile PVC tape

Vinyl tape is a widely used tool that is a must in many industries. Whether for protection or colour coding, vinyl tape is the best choice due to its excellent adhesion. What do you need to know about vinyl tape? What are its benefits and what are its applications? These questions are answered in this article.

What is vinyl tape and what are its advantages?

Vinyl tape is made from PVC, a plastic material, and the adhesive is typically rubber. Thanks to the material, it has a lot of advantages. Let's look at the most important ones!

vinyl tape

Water resistance

Vinyl tape is waterproof, making it an ideal choice for outdoor places where the surface is exposed to moisture or rain. With vinyl tape, there is absolutely no fear of water damage.

Adhesive strength

Vinyl tape has very good adhesive strength, which allows strong and durable bonding to a wide variety of surfaces. The excellent adhesive strength is responsible for making the tapes durable and long-lasting.

Flawless removal

In some cases, the adhesive tape must leave no trace after removal. The vinyl tape meets this requirement thanks to its improved adhesive system.


Vinyl tape is a flexible material that adapts easily to different shapes and surfaces. Thanks to its malleability, it can be used for a wide range of applications, such as paint masking or even airtight sealing.

Wide range of colour availability

Some types of vinyl tapes are available in different colours. This makes them ideal for colour coding and colour identification for many industries. They can also be used for decorative purposes.

Wear and tear resistance

Thanks to the special production process, in particular the full cross-sectional colouring, the tapes are very resistant to abrasion and rubbing. This property makes them suitable for marking corridors and doors.

Chemical resistance

In certain industrial processes, chemical effects cannot be avoided. However, vinyl tape can be used in such environments as it is perfectly resistant to chemicals.

So, looking at all the benefits, vinyl tape is a strong, durable and reliable material.

In what areas is it used?

Given the above-mentioned advantages, it is no wonder that vinyl tape is widely used all over the globe. Let's take a look at some of the most popular applications!

Paint masking

The vinyl tape is ideal for fine-line paint masking. Its elongation properties and easy, trace-free removability allow it to be used as masking tape in the automotive industry, among many others.

vinyl tape

Airtight seal

Due to the good formability of the tape and its very strong adhesion, it can even be used for airtight sealing. White and black tapes can even be used for sealing aircraft or for insect exclusion.

Colour coding and identification

As some vinyl tapes are available in a wide range of colours, they can be used to colour code or to identify the elements that belong together. This is particularly useful in heavy industry.


Electroplated adhesive tape is resistant to chemical attack. So much so that it is even suitable for masking galvanised surfaces.

Vinyl tapes from Flanker

Flanker offers a wide range of vinyl tapes. We will now show you some of them!

3M™ 764i is a general-purpose vinyl tape. It is a transparent colour, which has the advantage of not covering the taped surface. Most commonly used for colour coding, tying and security marking.

In our webshop, you can buy multi-colour tapes too. We have red, orange, black, blue, white, brown and green tapes, all of which are suitable for general use and colour coding.

3M™ 471 is a warning vinyl tape, which means it is best used for marking hazardous areas and corridors. A single-sided adhesive tape that resists weathering, scratches and even abrasion.

Vinyl tapes can be purchased in a variety of sizes. For example, there are 50mmx33mx0.13mm tapes and 100mmx33mx0.13mm tapes.

Flanker has been providing complex solutions to the industry for more than 20 years. Have a look at our web catalogue and if you have any questions about our products, please contact us at any of our contact numbers!



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